Holiday Villa in Competa, Spain

Like much of Southern Spain, Competa enjoys a pleasant climate all year making it a great destination at any time. Its location near Granada and the Costa tropical also means it benefits from this regions unusual micro climate giving it a more verdant than much of Andalucia. Fruit trees abound and the region often remains greener when areas to the South dry out in the summer months.
2017-12-15 13°C
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2017-12-19 13°C


Spring in Competa is warm and sunny with highs of 24 C and lows of 10 C experienced between March and May. Rainfall may be lower than other regions with an average of 35mm per month.


Summer is very sunny but due to the altitude is not as burningly hot as popular coastal regions. Highs may see 35 C but at night time it often drops to a refreshingly cool 15 C. Rain is very rare during summer.


Autumn is a lovely time to visit. Though still warm and sunny, temperatures have dropped from their summer peak and there is less rain than in Spring.


Winter sees most of the years rainfall with an average of 100mm per month. However there are still lots of sunny days when the snow on the the nearby Sierra Almijara mountains creates a wonderful backdrop. Though it can be chilly, temperatures very rarely fall below freezing.